[toggle title=”What is Moola Bar?” open=”no” bg_color=”#cc3333″ effect=”none”]Moola Bar is crumbled pieces of cereals, grains and oats that are baked, pressed and mixed together in a natural fruit binder into chewy form of a snack bar.[/toggle][toggle title=”What are the key elements that make Moola Bar?” open=”no” bg_color=”#cc3333″ effect=”none”]Moola Bar consists of grains, oats and puffed rice rolled together in the sweetness of natural honey.  To ensure the functionality of the snack, real fruits and almond are added for richer taste and texture. Moola Bar is a truly innovation in nutrition.[/toggle][toggle title=”Why Moola Bar is a must in our daily diet routine?” open=”no” bg_color=”#cc3333″ effect=”none”]An affordable snack bar that is made from local taste of Malaysia using 100% purely natural ingredients. A wholesome taste; rich in fibre; low calorie and gluten FREE snack bar. Perfect choice for healthier and nutritious way to snack.[/toggle][toggle title=”Who could benefit from Moola Bar? ” open=”no” bg_color=”#cc3333″ effect=”none”]Moola Bar is made with love for EVERYONE to enjoy especially those who are constantly on the move. With the right way of snacking, moola bar can keep up the energy level and mind focus on busy and active day.  Moola bars are easy to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. It is a PERFECT choice for a snack as it has the balanced nutrients for the whole family.[/toggle][toggle title=”When is the best time to have your Moola Bar?” open=”no” bg_color=”#cc3333″ effect=”none”]Moola Bar is best to have in between your heavy meal. An easy complete fulfil snack that bridge your daily diet. Moola bar offers sense of fullness before your next heavy meal. One bar of Moola can last you from getting hungry at least for 2 hours.[/toggle][toggle title=”What flavour Moola bar have to offer?” open=”no” bg_color=”#cc3333″ effect=”none”]Moola Bar comes in many variant flavours.  Currently Moola Bar are available in Roselle Almond and Dates Almond.  More flavours are in the pipeline; Banana, Coconut, Raisins and Jackfruit are coming your way. Furthermore,  in future Moola Bar also offer interesting segment and category like Moola Kids and Moola Hi Protein Bar.[/toggle][toggle title=”How is best to enjoy Moola Bar?” open=”no” bg_color=”#cc3333″ effect=”none”]Crunch it into small pieces and add it on your choice of salads. Eat it with fruit yogurt or chilled milk. Put it as toppings on your favourite ice cream dessert. Best of all, have it straight out of the wrapper, for breakfast, in school, at work…  ANYWHERE![/toggle][toggle title=”Where to purchase Moola Bar?” open=”no” bg_color=”#cc3333″ effect=”none”]Moola Bars are available online and offline. For outlets that trade Moola bar on their shelves, please go to our ‘Where to Buy’ for details. For online purchase, you can purchase via our e commerce account or through our facebook page www.facebook.com/MoolaSnackBar.  Otherwise please call our hotline number 011-143 95968 and speak to our sales representative, we offer FREE Delivery arrangement for your call in order.[/toggle][toggle title=”Are Moola Bar open for agent and distributor packages?” open=”no” bg_color=”#cc3333″ effect=”none”]YES, we do. We offer good starter package for interested agent with great margin income. Please contact our HOTLINE or email us for further business related package.  Let explore business opportunity together.[/toggle][toggle title=”What makes Moola Bar stand out above the rest in its category?” open=”no” bg_color=”#cc3333″ effect=”none”]Moola bar is not your typical chocolate, vanilla, strawberry indulgence. It is a different and authentic snack bar suited with Malaysian local natural taste experience. Moola bar is less sweet compare to the other brand offered in the market.  Moola Bar is not a replacement but a COMPLEMENT snack bar to suit your exciting lifestyle.  Most Important, Moola Bar is Halal certified by JAKIM and a HACCP and ISO 22000 compliance real taste snack bar offering.  Snack easy, Snack well. Let’s Moola![/toggle]