About Moola DxBar

Moola DxBar is a compressed fiber bar perfectly made for people who loves to detox. It is a chewy and tasty fiber bar that offers a wholesome goodness for health and wellness fanatics.

With the right combination of natural ingredients such Honey, Fiber oats, Dates paste plus the addition of Medium Chain Triglyceridies (MCT), Aloe Vera and Palm Vitamin E (Palm Tocotrianol), DxBar keeps you full and give you the needed extra energy boost and finally detox your intestine to improve your body’ nutrition absorption.

DxBar - True to its function of Detoxing, Filling & Energizing.

  • 1. DxBar detox all the toxic you have been eating, cleanse the colon thus enhance bowel movement.
  • 2. DxBar keeps you less hungry by giving a filling experience from the fibre content.
  • 3. DxBar boost your energy all day long from the slow release energy of MCT in the bar.

How Does it Works?