Have Moolabar, All Set For An Adventure

A Whole Carton Of Moolabar Stocked Up!
March 9, 2016

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I have to admit, I’m the last person to want to eat energy gel or bar during any of my workout. Most are gooey sickly sweet or simply too cumbersome for me to munch.
But of late, I’m rather partial at this one local brand energy bar called Moolabar (website:eazymoola.com) which is the product of Agro Jerneh Sdn Bhd; helmed by a young entrepreneur and also a fellow runner, Mohsein Shariff.
I only needed one bar to tide me over during our 50K LSD early February. OK, so I drank a lot and ate half a plate of fried bihun too during our 11hour LSD but seriously, that one bar tide me over for the next 25K as the solid food taken apart from fluids. Now, that’s saying something, right?
I’m not saying that it is a miracle bar or a replacement meal option but Moolabar worked well for me so far as part of my hunger management and nutrition need during my hikes and training.

The granola bar is made with 100% natural ingredients, low in calories and is also gluten-free.With its packaging, it’s really easy to bring it anywhere, even stashing one in my pocket when I go out for a run (or putting it in a hydration belt). Best of all, Moolabar is Halal certified by JAKIM and produced in a GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000.

Moolabar can be purchased online at www.eazymoola.com
It’s facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/MoolaSnackBar/

Bulk purchase of 24 ctn box at RM220.00 which made sense if buying for a group, I guess. A box has 6 bars inside. And it’s quite affordable compared to other energy bars available in the market.

Why not try some and see whether Moolabar can make you Go! Go! Go!

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