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muar corronation half marathon- road 2 irongirl
August 27, 2015
The Weekend’s Two Special Medals
March 9, 2016



my pre-race essential breakfast. my pre-training food. i have grown pretty reliant on moolabar. it’s pretty standard for me. 1 bar to fuel me for a 10km race. 2 bars and i’m good to go for a half marathon. i’m not going to talk about my experience with moolabar, but a friends. my friend, he was doing the 50km as well. he only brought snickers with him. right before the race, i gave him a moolabar and he had this to say. ‘moolabar is damn good eh. i had snickers, it didn’t work. i was so energy-less. but the moolabar, it was so good. it gave me the energy i needed. you should have gave me more.’ so i guess it’s pretty good race food.

i packed 8 bars with me for this race. other than my mandarin oranges and some pineapples and water station 3, i only ate moolabar throughout my 10 hour 24 minutes journey. i don’t do power gels or anything like that. just moolabar. i prefer real food. it tastes good (surely better than overly sweet gels), at the same time provides you with the requisite energy.


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